We are leading Bulgarian producer of cosmetic products and laminated tubes. The company was established in 1996. Our factory and headquarter are placed in Varna, which is the second biggest city in Bulgaria. Its location on the Black sea makes Varna very attractive commercial center not only as Sea capital of Bulgaria but also presence of the biggest Bulgarian port at Black Sea. We are only 150 km far from Bulgarian border bridge at Danube River. Our position can be taken as strategic as we are definitely close to many commercial points around the world.
Fresh Up Cosmetics is a manufacturer, specialized in production the commodities for oral care (toothpastes, toothpaste for children, mouthwash), cosmetics for men (shaving cream; balsam, lotion and gel after shaving), cosmetics for women (white cosmetic, depilatory creams), hair dyes, hair shampoo and conditioner, bath salts, liquid soap etc.
Besides our products with own trade brands, we produce commodities with client’s trade marks.
Fresh Up Cosmetics operates according to the requirements of the system for control of the quality ISO 9001:2008, certificate No: 30421/14/S.
The quality certificate proves our high quality and standards of production process, become a permanent ambition of all our team.

We have exported our products for more than 30 countries all over the world – Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia, Ukraine and the CIF countries as well. Our commodities are well recognized in many international hypermarkets. A dear idea and longing for progress help us increasing our attendance on the international markets.